KC's wood fired kiln

a look into the fire

firey blow holes
We fire twice a year at Tye River, once in the fall and once in spring. Firings last 4 days, consume about 4 - 5 cords of wood and produce from 1200 to 1500 pots.
Kiln Crew


I have a crew of friends who show up with pots, food, good humor and stories... they are family. We work in 6-hour shifts, with my shift, the 6 a.m. to noon, being the least popular and the midnight to sunrise shift usually overstaffed.

We fire the anagama for three days and move into the second and third chambers on Sunday morning while we gather for a celebratory brunch just before the salting of the third chamber and the ritual "closing down" of the kiln.

stoking the fire - hot! stoking the fire

The dance of cycles, grace and mystery.


The kiln cools for a week, and then the cast reassembles for the unloading.

There is much note taking, passing of work along a chain of hands and eyes, congratulations, trading, and lessons to take to our wheels for the next journey... making what is in us...

becoming who we are.

The crew peaks into the kiln door before unloading.

Kevin post-firing unloads a wood-fired vase

wood-fired vase

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*Kevin's article offers a more in-depth look into the firing process